How to Love your Donors




How to Love your Donors to Death

In this uncompromising book, author and world renowned public speaker, Stephen Pidgeon, bemoans the madness of poor donor stewardship that besets the charitable sector. ‘Legacies are not the gift of angels’ he says, ‘but will increasingly come from donors who are loved and nurtured in their relationship with the favourite charity,’

Mining the depths of his extensive knowledge from 30 years of fundraising campaigns and giving countless examples of good and bad, Pidgeon describes the highs and lows of minor donor fundraising and decries the crass attitude of many non-fundraising colleagues to these essential donors. It is a book that will challenge, delight and encourage in equal measure. Fundraisers’ attitudes to their donors will be changed forever.

Look for his 'Practical tips' and trademark ‘Stephen’s rants’. Find strength to deal with colleagues who find fundraising at best, a black art and at worst, something that’s necessary but rather distasteful. And take pleasure in the dozens of practical examples and suggestions that could radically improve your fundraising in the future.

Consultations & Workshops with Stephen Pidgeon, Fundraising Speaker.

Half- or full-day consultancy sessions with Stephen are hugely productive. He runs them in Ireland, Norway, the US and Canada, as well as the UK. Dozens of new ideas emerge but, rooted as he is in profitable fundraising, each idea is reviewed for its practicality and given a priority. Learning is achieved with the help of his massive picture library of samples, the biggest existing in the world today.

These consultancy sessions usually start with a theme.


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