1 Getting your message right – why should I give you a donation?

Most charities are dreadful at it.  They describe what the charity does – the services provided, the research work being done, the teams providing help, the campaigns carried out.  And nobody’s interested.  Then they wonder why their fundraising isn’t working. It's because they haven’t given the supporter what the supporter wants.

He will:

  • Show why supporters don’t find these messages helpful or interesting
  • Make fundraisers, communication colleagues and other charity folk face up to the realisation that most charity messages are BORING.  And it needn’t be so
  • Through the fabulous Four Pillars Exercise©, find the answer that will REALLY make supporters want to continue their support
  • Create the charity’s fundraising proposition – the answer to the question ‘Why should I give you $300?’

2 Supporter recruitment

If you’re struggling to find new recruits cost-effectively, or you’ve never really done it, join Stephen for a workshop, looking at how you could improve. 

  • How you could use all media, not just paper based stuff (though that’s a good place to start if you want to make real money)
  • What other people are doing with success
  • Being a lot more challenging and a lot more emotional
  • Welcoming the new recruits properly

3 Loving your supporters

  • Research shows that the biggest builder of supporter loyalty is the ‘service’ they get from their favourite charity
  • Stephen will give you literally dozens of great ideas - easy things you could do to encourage your supporter’s belief that you deserve their support.  That you’re a charity that looks after its supporters better than any other charity
  • We’ll put these ideas into a plan so you don’t have to do everything at once; it will allow you to get the important ones done first
  • And we’ll look at some of your messages on-line and off-line and what you’ll need to do to make your supporters feel loved

4 Asking supporters for a gift when they die

We’ll look at Legacy Marketing from start to finish.  If you’re not asking your supporters for a gift in their Will when they die, then watch out, lots of other charities will be asking them.  Your supporters don’t just support you, they support other charities too! 

Stephen will show you some of the best (and worst!) in the world and you’ll see how easy it is to get started, simply by answering some key questions – why will supporters enjoy doing it, when you should ask, who should ask and so on.

If you want to, we can create the necessary materials in a day.  It starts with getting your legacy message right (see 1 above).  And in just a day, you could be a step away from launching your own legacy ask campaign for your supporters.

And, VERY important, we will consider and agree a programme to look after the people who tell you they have left you a legacy.

5 Appeal Clinic - Creative Concepts and Messages that are worth Integrating

In the creative process that leads to appeals, most people start with a story.  Disaster, stop doing it, and stop buying standard letter copy off-the-shelf.  Your donors deserve better than premium-led pap that describes the wonderful work your non-profit does but fails to engage the donor. 

An appeal must start with a concept, the emotional means of connecting a donor with the problem. This mind-stretching session will show you how to devise the concept before looking for a story to deliver it, and how the best concepts can then be integrated across media.  It won’t go into the detail of copy (that’s in Workshop 6) but will look at basic mistakes non-profits make in shaping appeals.  You’ll practice mind-stretching, finding ways to get away from the same boring style and format of appeals that you’ve been struggling to make work for years.

6 Copy Clinic: Being More Creative in Your Detailed Communications with Supporters

Traditional creative treatments in the mail are losing impact.  New media creativity appeals to geeks not donors and the adage that all you have to do is to tell stories, couldn’t be more wrong.  So, how can you be more ‘creative’ in copy and design.  What specifically, must you change, and why do so many non-profits get it wrong? 

This is a working workshop.  We’ll look at bad copy together and you’ll rewrite it.  We’ll applaud good copy and you’ll learn not to make howlers with design.  Come prepared to change the way you write and judge fundraising copy and design for ever more!

7 Creative review

Stephen runs a Creative Impact Review service where you can check out your campaign creative prior to launch, see Stephen’s Creative Impact Review - copy checking and writing services